How you can help

A book drive.

We know that reading to infants is a critical issue. Most of our infants and very young children attend daycares. Daycares, where reading and being held can take place, are the easiest places to start the work of helping to develop more literacy.

Please look into your own bookshelves and find the kids’ books for ages 0-7 that you no longer need.

Please take them to the Knowlton Literary Festival – Between October 12 – 14 at the Community Centre at the times below

2017 KLF AD - BCN V2

Or take them to the Pettes Library at any time that they are open.

pettes hours

Just tell the library that these are for Tales for Tots,

We will then distribute them via the largest Daycare in Knowlton, La Passerelles des Mousses to children in daycares throughout the region.

La Passerelle des Mousses – the largest daycare in our area

If you want to do more, the kids need people to read to them, please use our contact form and let us know.

For more information contact: Robert Paterson Phone: 450 204 5780; Email:


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